Clothes Men Should not Wear

Have you heard the aphorism “The clothes don’t make the man”? I have heard it too and in most cases I would agree with it. After all, a real man doesn’t need to be a walking cover of the GQ magazine to be handsome and appealing. There are some men however, who got this saying totally wrong. Not only are they not trying to use clothing to highlight their attractiveness and charms but on the contrary, their wardrobe is full of useless, ugly to look at garments and accessories, which they wear proudly as if they were the latest fashion trend. Sad but true. Men can be fashion disasters sometimes without realizing it. Here are some examples of what a man Should NOT wear if he wants to be considered dating material.

Hawaiian shirts – I haven’t met a single man who doesn’t own one of those. It is the perfect garment for a BBQ party, a boy’s night out, the weekend getaway to the beach or even a special evening with the wifey (why oh why?). Yes, this is all true, but only if you were 50+ years old and you were living on some exotic island full of palm trees and lots of sandy beaches. If you are any younger, my advice to you would be to lock that thing in a box and throw the key away. Bottom line, Hawaiian shirts are horrific and have no place in your wardrobe, period!

Tight Jeans – Although it is hard at times, I have gotten used to the fact that modern men try harder to get in touch with their feminine side. They use our face creams, moisturisers and hair gels but having a man who wears my jeans it’s simply too much to handle. Just like a ballet dancer dressed in wedges don’t you think ladies? Sometimes I get this bad feeling that one day we will not be able to tell the gender of the person we have just met, without hearing their name. Scary thought isn’t it?

Dirty, worn out shoes – Nothing can ruin the first impression you make on girl like unsuitable dirty and worn out shoes can. You just can’t come out all dressed to impress and wear your grandfather’s cowboy boots all covered in dirt. The socks you wear are also a very important addition to your whole outlook. Their colour has to match with the shoes you wear. This is why I believe that black shoes and white socks is a combination that should be banned with a law unless you believe that you are Michael Jackson of course.

Tacky sweatshirts, excessively baggy trousers and supersized t-shirts – If you are one of those men (keyword MEN not a teenager) who are into this “keeping it real” or “gangsta”, please try and understand that we women find this kind of style completely and utterly disgusting! Every time I personally see one of these strange and disturbing subjects, it’s like I see a logo over their heads saying “Drug addict and a criminal “and right next to it another one saying “My trousers are so big that if I shit myself you will never be able to tell.” Call me stereotypical, but it’s just how I see it. There may be some women who are into this kind of dress code but trust me, there aren’t many of them. So if you want to be taken seriously please trash the baggy clothes and get yourself something decent for a change.

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