Men Want To Be Women

Is it just me or men nowadays have evolved into those emasculate creatures with skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom, glossy lips, tight clothes (skinny jeans anyone?), purses, nail polish and even make up? They call themselves “metro sexual” or in other words men, who look after their appearance as much, if not more than we women do. Doesn’t all this narcissism in our men lead to them losing their identity and appeal to us?

Don’t get me wrong ladies; I am not saying that men shouldn’t look after themselves. After all, no one likes the beer bellies and the smelly, unshaven types, but a man giving me advice on how to pluck my eyebrows it’s just crossing the line, don’t you think?  And what’s up with those plucked eyebrows of theirs anyway? I totally agree that if a guy has 1 eyebrow to start with, he should at least try to make it into two equal parts a unibrow does seem kind of hard-lined (pun intended) but c’mon, a man with thinned eyebrows looks at the least ridiculous if not totally gay. The other day, while I was waiting for the bus I saw this guy with totally crooked and improperly shaped eyebrows. I almost called him out, “Miss, your left eyebrow is thinner than the right one”. After all, I would want someone to tell me if I did mine wrong. The point I am trying to make here is: If you want to be a Metro – go to the beautician or don’t do it at all.

I also prefer the masculine perfumes men use. Those that provide the smell of passion and sex can drive me crazy. The perfumes most of our men wear now are kind of sweet and feminine. Some call them “unisex” but judging by the effect they have on me I would call them “no sex at all”. I don’t know about you, but I am just not into kissing someone who smells of Orchids and Lotus blossoms, not that the combination of sweat and dirty socks is a preferred one either.

Clean, hot blooded and potent! Those are the main qualities a real man should possess. He doesn’t have to be the Tarzan type without any inhibitions and lack of style, but the polished nails, men purses and the pink shirts are also not a way to go. A real man should be somewhere in the middle. He should look after his personal hygiene without overdoing it. He should be rough and stylish at the same time without trying to look like a woman dressed in men’s clothes.

Overall, I think that with a good hairdo, pleasant perfume, clean clothes, sunny smile (without the lip gloss) and a little charisma any man can attract a lady’s attention. If you think that this is not enough, ok, go for the metro sexual look. At the end of the day, this is a matter of personal choice. However, what truly matters is not so much what you look like on the outside but what you have inside. If you don’t have what it takes to keep a woman, she will be able to see it, whether or not you use lipstick, polish your nails or highlight your hair.  So guys, if you want to find a real woman try not to behave like one. It is never a good idea, unless you are swinging both ways.

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  • Manny

    Question for the author…

    How about if I shave my balls (whole pubic area actually). Is this a non masculine thing??


  • Sarcastic Lady

    Dear Manny,

    In order to make your question relevant to the topic I suggest you change “balls” with “arms”.

    If you insist on the shaved balls though you can look for the article “The deal breakers”. I think that number 3 on the list there is – hairy balls 🙂

    All the best,
    The Sarcastic lady

  • Stevilicious

    Imo the emasculation of men has been mainly caused by pushy nurotic women who have been brainwashed by all the impossibly meticulous standards shoved down thier necks by society and media’s propaganda, these  images of the stereotype alpha sperm to mate with, or the perfect man,with the perfect career, friends,family, status, tattoes & big beefy muscles, perfect life etc,  that in turn makes it near impossible for the slightly akward average working class Joe’s (eg not the perfect mr

    muscle head types) to stand a chance or to get given a go
    Although this could also be said of how the perfect, and most desirable modern woman are portrayed in society, is totaly onfair on the average woman, to try to obtain these almost imposible standards.anyhow I digress
    Most Friday nights you can see hoardes of young women in their heels & minidresses heading into the city or Kings X  etc, going hunting for the type of over confident young wealthy or corporate type guys who mainly will just want to fuck em an chuck em later.. then they will complain that theres no decent men left,

    Really I dont see anything that wrong about the men in pictured in this blog, they still look like males and a pink shirt is still only a shirt after all, most average men would usually welcolme a bit of fashion guidence from their woman unless they were a total tool or unless she is.
    Obviously I concur with the author if their carrying a purse & wearing lipstick & nail varnish, then its more than likely that they are probably more interested in men, or bisexual, anyway I’ve seen guys wearing skinny jeans an I dont see how this makes them a woman but understandably may not be everyones cup of tea,

    In conclusion I think most women should just get of thier high horse’s and forget about prince chaming who they will waste their best years trying to meet, instead maybe try something different, for example giving us not so pumped up ordinary  dudes a try.. wadya reckon?

  • Rodstew49

    I want to wear a skirt and high heels and fishnet tights  and have long hair and false eyelashes and wear lipstick —–  non of these things are really female only aquired by females

  • Mamm

    Women shot their own toes off wanting only men with money.  They are really pitifully misdirected.  I heard my brother telling my neice that money was all that mattered when a girl was looking for a mate. The direct opposite is true. Spoiled men are lacking everything money can’t buy, just as spoiled women..   It is retarded logic to look at money as a relationship factor, and detrimental to a good relationship or life. Im looking straight at the man.  A wallet full of money does not a good partner make.  This is the truth. 

  • Al Kibiades

    Philosophy, anyone?  If you take a VERY close look at the male psyche, you’ll find that men are totally ambivalent about women, and therefore totally ambivalent about being men.  All of them.  NO exceptions.  This is because (can we let that big cat out of the bag, gals?) women are the number 1 sex, not men.  This is men’s secret fear and controls all they do.  As we deep thinkers say, the man woman relationship is basically incommensurable.  When teen angst fades, promiscuity fails, and marriage collapses as an option, the choices are stark:  homosexuality, lesbian worship, sex change, pornography addicton, feminine domination, transvestitism, metrosexuality, or sheer fantasy.  The long and short of it is (sorry ladies) that deep down in their boots ALL men want to be women.  This is the awkward truth few can admit.  Sure, there are macho types out there and male
    bullies, but truth is those are nothing but poses.  Violence against women, for example, is a function of male rage at not having been permitted to be female, dont’cha see?   Yes, women want their guys to be manly, sure, but the fact that ladies do not go about dreaming of being men shows us rather plainly which side of the bread is buttered.   What can a guy do?   The dialectic of sex leads in the end either to submission to the female, cuckoldry and feminization, or,on the other hand, sadistic abuse of females.   And in the zeal to condemn the perverse no one stops to try to grasp the meaning.   Ladies:  maybe you can use this tip:   Inside your big strong man there isn’t a little boy trying to emerge, it’s really a little girl.   So, there, the skunk is on the table.   Now that you know, it’s probably best that you just forget you ever read this.   Just relax and return to the status quo ante.   Who’d want to upset all your pretty apple carts?   🙂

  • Lincoln

    Women are still writing crap like this in this day and age? You know what, this article nothing more than the propagation of sexist western cultural gender roles. I oppose the ideas you have presented here. I oppose them with every fiber of my being! As a young boy, I was teased and taunted for painting my nails and for my affinity toward silky clothes and pretty things. People like you made me feel like a freak. I’m not gay, and I’m not a woman trapped in a man’s body. I’m a man who doesn’t give a shit what you think I’m supposed act like. You do not control me! I can paint my nails and wear make up, and even wear heels and a cocktail dress if I want to, and I don’t have to be gay or get a sex change operation to justify it! Stop this sexist nonsense already! All it does is alienate people who are feeling very vulnerable and scared, and pushes them into crippling depression.

  • jason morgan

    nice feminist response. i would argue that there (are) men who like being men and are just fine with it. you can believe what ever makes you feel more relevant in your own mind, but it does not change who (I) am. hope that philosophy thing works out for you…