Big Feet, Big Meat?!?

Throughout my life I have heard stories about the different ways used to determine the size of a man’s penis just by looking at him. Some say that the best way to find the truth is to look at the size of the man’s hands, bigger hands = bigger tool (if you know what I mean). Others seem to think that this is most easily determined by the size of the nose. After all according to the tale, the world famous Casanova had a very large nose and if we were to believe it, the association between the nose and his sexual abilities doesn’t seem that unlikely. Nevertheless, the “Big Feet = Big Penis” theory seems to be the all time favorite in these kind of speculations and discussions.

It is very amusing actually, how important this is to some women. I once heard about a formula via which we can determine the exact size of a man’s penis (knowing the size of his shoes that is).  To calculate it, you need to add 5cm to the length of the foot and then divide the sum of the two by the number 2. Very simple isn’t it? So, let’s say that your guy wears a UK size 9 (by European standards 43 ½). That would make a foot length of about 29cm + 5cm = 34/2 = 17cm.  Not too bad right?

If these calculations are correct, that would mean that all the small wiener guys would be wearing Cinderella’s shoes and once you see them you will instantly know not to chase after them. On the other hand, all the guys wearing big shoes must have grown big feet just to be able to keep their balance. After all, it must be really hard to walk when you are god’s gift to women (just a thought) :P.

All jokes aside though (Gentlemen you can now put away the rulers and the measuring tapes), as much as I would love to have a special formula via which I can tell how extensive a guy is before I actually see it for myself I am afraid that such doesn’t exist.

However, I did some research and I discovered that according to scientist from the University College London, who examined 104 different men for the purposes of determining whether the “Big Feet = Big Penis” theory was true, there is absolutely no connection between the size of men’s feet and the length of  their penises . Nevertheless, as that research was only directed towards proving or disproving this particular theory, we can safely assume that Big Hands or the Big Nose connection may still exist. Great news isn’t it?  🙂 You are welcome to use this as a topic in the next pyjamas party you attend to. I am definitely going to discuss it with my girls next time we get together and perhaps we can even come up with a new theory or a formula on this subject. You never know…

If I have to give my personal opinion on this though, I would have to say that despite the speculations, the only way to find out the size of a man’s penis is by pulling his pants down. Let’s just hope he doesn’t end up with a vagina.

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    this is not true you can’t really tell the size

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    I´m Brazilian and my boyfriend is american and his feet are 13. He is also very tall (6″ 7), so needless to say his cock is huge, about 9 1/2 and very thick. Its hard to take it all in, but I do of course. I couldnt be a happier gay! BTW There´s no one on earth that can fuck an ass better than him! Love you baby! Yeah we do bareback of course!